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The simple way to acquire and maintain manufactured housing communities.

Welcome to a new age where we bring visibility and transparency to your due diligence, capital improvements, and maintenance processes, enterprise-wide.  With our revolutionary technology, you’ll always have a pulse on your properties, from coast to coast.

Maximize your return on your investment

Project Midnight: the dawn of a new day for manufactured housing project management.

A revolutionary approach to collaborate, manage, and execute for your portfolio needs. A complete reality capture and interactive dashboard in real time with 100% transparency for you and your team.

It’s time to let data work for you.

Project Midnight: The Applications are Endless

Due Diligence

Capital Expenditures


Repair & Maintenance

Team Collaboration



Brines customized drone technology gives you the transparency to make investments based on reliable data.

Accurate Estimates

We provide estimates from in-house contractors and subject matter experts, making us a true full-service partner.

Real Time Reports

With up-to-the-minute information and regular video footage, you can use our dashboard for repair check-ins and photos for insurance, from a distance.

Managed Construction

We manage each aspect of your investment, providing you transparency with a dedicated project manager and real time updates available to you at the touch of your fingers.

So Many Benefits of Project Midnight


Digital Project Reporting and Mapping


With Project Midnight you can see a digitization of your site that includes virtual site walks, measurements, and more - all in ONE place!

Superior Labor Services

Handsfree Contract Management


Let Brine Acquisitions handle your contract coordination with complete schedule and installation validation.

Communication & Organization

All Your Data in ONE Place


From data analytics to project history, all your site's information is compiled in an easy-to-use, collaborative dashboard.

All your questions, answered.

Whether you’re looking to acquire a manufactured housing community, maintain an existing investment, or build a new park, Project Midnight lets you see your asset in real time.


Acquiring a manufactured housing community is complex, but your due diligence process doesn’t have to be.  With Brine Acquisition you’ll be able to have a thorough understanding of the park’s problem areas with actual video imagery, the cost to fix them, and an approximate timeline for improvements.  Everything from drainage issues caused by problems in your topography to deteriorating roads, Brine will find and fix your park’s problems. 

Project Midnight is our proprietary platform featuring custom drone technology and a real-time, cloud-based dashboard.  With the data the drone provides our team, and yours, will be able to identify issues from the comfort of your own office.  Use the dashboard to track bids, communicate with team members, and have a pulse on your budget.

No longer do you need to visit your parks to walk the community, take photos, or meet with subcontractors!  Our drone is equipped with thousands of cameras to obtain images, measurements, topography and more.  Make decisions from anywhere with Project Midnight!

Not only do you cut travel expenses, but teams find themselves much more efficient during the work day with Project Midnight.  Plus, Brine Acquisition’s qualified team can help identify issues that will save you money in the future!  Your park’s preventative maintenance is imperative.

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